Terms and Conditions


Triple Ace Tennis Coaching may, from time to time, review and update these terms and conditions.

Please refer to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page on our website (https://www.tripleacetennis.com/terms-and-conditions) for the current version.

Payment and Refunds

Full payment is required in advance to reserve a place in group lessons. Please enclose payment with your enrolment form.

No refunds will be given for non-attendance at group lessons. A refund or catch up class may be offered if you have a valid reason which prevents you/your child from attending. You must give us minimum 24 hours’ notice to apply for a catch up class.

In the case of the catch-up lesson being accepted, parents will be responsible for organising the new catch-up lesson with the coach. The catch-ups must be completed during the term in which the lessons were purchased.

A cancellation fee will apply for private or semi-private lessons unless 24 hours’ notice is given. Please call your coach to cancel a lesson.

Pro Rata Amount- will be offered when a student joins mid-term, 30 minute - $15, 45 minute - $20 and 90 minute squad - $30 per lesson. This is to cover our admin costs and we will give you an offer for a new racquet if needed when paying mid-term.

From Term 1, 2019 a No pay, No play policy will be enforced.  Please avoid any embarrassment by paying the invoice by this date.

Public Holidays and Long Weekends

There will be no group lessons on Public Holidays.

Bad Weather

Excessive Heat: Group lessons may be cancelled if the temperature at the venue is 37 degrees or above, or is, in our judgment, likely to be excessively hot during the lesson time. On hot days, we will always give necessary drink breaks and use spray bottles to keep our students cool.

Rain: Group lessons may be cancelled in wet weather, or if, in our judgment, it is likely to be wet during the lesson time.

The decision whether to cancel group lessons for bad weather will be made at the courts immediately prior to the lesson start time. On extremely hot/wet days, we may make a decision in advance and contact you via SMS before the lesson time to cancel. Please ensure we always have a current mobile number on which to contact you.

Cancellation of one group lesson does not necessarily mean the other lessons will be cancelled that day. Some lessons may take place indoors. If you have not received a SMS cancellation and choose not to attend then you risk missing the class.

Any classes cancelled will be made up during the term on an alternate day or time. If it is not possible for us to run a catch- up class due to term dates/weather, we will offer credit towards one day of the Holiday program of your choice.

For private lessons please ask your coach if the lesson will go ahead.

Supervision of Juniors

Triple Ace Tennis are not responsible for supervising children outside of lesson time.

We will not be held responsible for situations that may occur off court example: In club house, club grounds or outside the main club entrance. Once the children have left courts outside of lesson time it will be the parents’ soul responsibility.

Changes to Lesson Schedules

Occasionally we may have to make changes to our published schedule, including a published group lesson, creating an additional group lesson, or changing the day/time of the group lesson. In such cases we are generally unable to update our printed brochures/flyers but we endeavour to keep the scheduled group lesson to be viable, we may cancel that group for the term.

Anyone who has already enrolled a child in a scheduled lesson that is subsequently cancelled or changed will be offered alternative time slots or given a full refund.

Hot Shots/Cardio Tennis Registration

By enrolling in any Hot Shots program you have the option to claim your free t-shirt from Tennis Australia.

Go to www.hotshots.tennis.com.au

Please select coach – Jamie Gill or East Ringwood T.C or Lilydale Tennis Club for coach delivery.

The shirts will be sent to your coach and given to you during your lesson.

Note: Delivery time of shirts may vary. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks as they come from Tennis Australia not Triple Ace.

Play at own risk

Playing tennis has some risks, we would like you to be aware of the following.

- Contact with other players racquets during play or during the lesson.

- Injury due to slipping on surface, tripping on line markings or coaching equipment.

- Please advise your children to pay close attention to coaches’ instructions to avoid potential injury or harm.

- Coaches will contact the parent or guardian via mobile phone in the case of a medical emergency or ring 000, please make sure we have your current details. We will take the appropriate action required.

- Students will be asked to sit out for lack of listening or not paying appropriate attention to coaches.

Photography and Social media.

By enrolling in our program you agree to the terms and conditions and give Triple Ace Tennis Coaching permission to take photos/video and use at our free will for promotional purposes through marketing or social media, Website or printed promotional products for now and in the future.

Free ‘Bring a Friend’ lesson

On the last week of term we offer a free bring a friend class. The friend or family member of your choice can attend

1 free bring a friend class per year. This is a great way to share the joy of tennis with others. We operate a fun games lesson which is group focused during this week. Your friend does not have to fill out any forms and are not obligated to join.

We will provide a spare racquet for your friend, please tell them to bring their runners. For any more details please contact us.

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